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The best standalone Netflix player for Mac

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✨ Features ✨

  • 🚀Launch Netflix right from your Dock
  • 🖐Control Netflix from the Touch Bar
  • đŸ–ŧī¸Picture-in-Picture support
  • 🕹ī¸Quick Resume Dropdown
  • 🙅Prevent trailers from auto-playing
  • đŸ–Ĩī¸Truly full screen browsing
  • đŸ“ēAuto-resume last played video
  • 🎞ī¸Auto-skip video intro
  • đŸ“ŧAuto-advance to next episode
  • đŸ—¯ī¸No more crazy hover effects on posters
  • 🤷‍♂ī¸Hide "Who's Watching?" popup
  • 🗑ī¸Remove 'Netflix Originals' row

🚀Launch Netflix right from your Dock

🖲ī¸One click, that's it.

No more switching between browser tabs. Simply launch Clicker for Netflix straight from your dock and get your binge on.

Plus, with InstantStart technology, you will pick up right where you left off the last time you were watching. Hunting to find your show again is so early 2000s.

đŸ–ŧī¸Picture-in-Picture support

🤓Multitasking extraordinare?

With Picture-in-Picture support built right in, watch your favorite show while you fly through those TPS reports.

Just don't let your boss catch you!

🖐Native Touch Bar Controls

🧐Where's my show??

Can't find that show you were just watching?

Simply scroll through a list of your recently watched shows on the Touch Bar, tap on the name of the show you want to watch, and boom! You're right back into your show.

😒 I'm bored, let's watch something else...

Tired of that show you're watching?

Quickly switch to another show by pulling up your recently watched shows using Quick Switcher, directly from the video player!

💁‍ And more! ...

  • Play/pause
  • Jump back 10 seconds
  • Jump forward 10 seconds
  • Go to the next episode
  • Enable or disabled Closed Captions
  • Launch Picture-in-Picture

🕹ī¸Quick Resume Dropdown

Instant access to your recently watched shows no matter where you are on your Mac

đŸ–Ĩī¸Truly full screen browsing

👀Only have eyes for Netflix?

Show your love by making all that unnecessary chrome (pun intended) fade away with Netflix in its full glory.

🎛ī¸Customize to your liking

đŸ¤¯Hate autoplaying trailers?

Just check a box, and autoplay no more! It's that simple.

More customizations:

  • Prevent "Who's Watching" screen on startup
  • Prevent hover effects on video posters
  • Prevent 'Netflix Originals' row from showing
  • Automatically skip show intro
  • Hide 'Skip Intro' button
  • Auto-advance to next episode

The Netflix you love, supercharged

Buy now for $5

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* Legal note - Clicker for Netflix is a 3rd party app and is in no way endorsed or affiliated with Netflix, Inc. The Netflix name, images, and clips all copyright Netflix, Inc.

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